Episode 9: Men and Librarians

Posted on March 19, 2011


Episode # 9 Is Here!

Hey there lovely listeners!

In this episode we explore the world of male Wiccans, and decide if they have a plight or not, if the matriarchy is making the same mistakes the patriarchy is making, and how men in general feel. We tried get a REAL Wiccan man on the show, but they all had to work, so we gave our male perspective.  (Basically, we just repeated our husbands gripes and talked about them.) We also had the lovely Ms. Aesa on the show talking about public resources for those learning the pagan path. As always we had your comments and dates for the calendar:

March 19th Emerald Dragon Ostara Arlington uniterian church 6
March 22nd Fort Worth Witches Meetup
Also March 22nd Wicca 101 in Richardson
March 26th Expericence the chakras in Addison from 10-12:45
March 27th Blue moon Psychic Fair in dallas from 12-6
Also, we talked about what we can do to help the Japanese earthquake relief effort. Please donate, if you can. Good vibes and energy are ALWAYS welcome.  Renny and I offer our support and love to those with family and friends in Japan, the Japanese people, and those who can’t find their loved ones everywhere.
SJ Tucker Mandolin Holy Man from Sirens
SJ Tucker Ravens in the Library from Mischeif
Kellianna I Walk With the Goddess from I Walk With the Goddess
From the Edge of the Circle hosted by Tommy Elf (you rock!!)
Thank you for your comments, patience, support, and listening. Keep ’em coming!
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