Happy Samhain

October 31, 2011


Hello Everyone! Rose and I would like to wish everyone a happy Samhain! We are currently planning new shows and interviews for the coming months and are looking forward to getting back into the recording-swing-of-things. 🙂 Have a Happy and Safe Holiday! –Renny

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Episode #12- The Ganal!

August 19, 2011


Episode #12 is download-able here! Welcome back ladies and gents! In this episode we explore the world of gay Wicca and paganism. We were so kindly graced with the presences of Raven, Matriarch of American Tradition of the Goddess (AMTRAD), Nikki Tree Raven’s High Priest, and Keltik Dawn a valued member of our community. We […]

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Episode 11- The Man Panel

July 12, 2011


http://traffic.libsyn.com/therearepagansintexas/ThereArePagansInTexas11.mp3   Greetings! We promised you men and we got you men! Here is our panel on men in Wicca. The participants include Beowulf, Charles, NikiTree, and Keegan. We also talk about what we’ve been doing and listen to some great music by Jiggernaut. Enjoy! Renny and Rose  

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Episode 10: We are what we Read

April 24, 2011


Episode #10 Hey Gang! We’re back with Episode 10. This month, as usual, we commented on your feedback and told about what we’re up to in crazy, crazy, podland. We also built off of the Amazing Aesa with two articles worth reading about: My Month as a Wiccan: It’s Not All Fairies and Rainbows Wednesday, […]

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Episode 9: Men and Librarians

March 19, 2011


Episode # 9 Is Here! Hey there lovely listeners! In this episode we explore the world of male Wiccans, and decide if they have a plight or not, if the matriarchy is making the same mistakes the patriarchy is making, and how men in general feel. We tried get a REAL Wiccan man on the […]

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Episode #8

February 22, 2011


Here it is! Episode #8 Sorry it took us (Renny) a while to get this out to y’all!  Enjoy (and thanks for waiting!). Show notes to come soon! -R&R

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Episode #7.5

December 10, 2010


Welcome Listeners to the Yule-Mini-Sode #7.5. We hope y’all are having safe and happy holiday seasons!  In this mini-sode we bring to you listener feedback and the “Blippers” from Episode #7.  We also have some music for you.  Enjoy!  Feel free to send your comments, thoughts and questions to us!  We love it! **CORRECTION** Rose […]

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