Pagan Journalism Silver Ribbon Campaign

Pagan journalism is much like many pagan communities, segmented, sparse, and with little networking outside of the communities they serve.  There are so many intelligent and resourceful people  reporting pagan news and information that go unnoticed, unrecognized, and with very little way to strengthen connections with other pagan journalists. In an effort to unite the pagan journalist community, we here at Shh! There are Pagans in Texas are introducing the silver ribbon campaign for pagan journalism.  The silver represents the “silver tongue” of the journalists who must be very articulate in order to reach a wide audience. Please join us in our silver ribbon campaign bycontributing to our pagan journalist index. This page will be filled with resources:  podcasts, magazines, writers, and others who report on pagan news in any form of media.

Print Media

PanGaia Magazine

Witches & Pagans Magazine

SageWoman Magazine

Crone Magazine

Widdershins NewspaperWiddershins is an inclusive pagan community newspaper based in the Pacific Northwest. It was published eight times each year from 1995 to 2007. Back issues available for the reading.

Spirited Women-is a magazine of Women’s Spirituality, focusing on the Divine Feminine. We regularly feature articles on Goddess Spirituality, Dianic Wicca, Paganism, Feminist Christianity, Judaism, and other paths – the whole gamut of Women’s Spirituality.

The Cauldron Magazine– The Cauldron is an independent, non-profit making, privately published journal featuring articles, news and book reviews on Witchcraft, Wicca, Ancient & Modern Paganism, Earth Mysteries and Folklore. It has been published quarterly since 1976 during February, May, August and November.

Circle Sanctuary



MoonOak -World of Radical & Progressive Paganism, Emergent Spirituality, and the Next Millenium

Old Ways -I’ve never stopped growing or pursuing my own spiritual path, so what I offer here can sometimes be a little messy as I try to get a grasp on the core concept of a lesson I’m working with in my own life. When things get intense I may stop writing for a time, but I always come back to offer some new nugget of wisdom or hard earned insight before heading off once more to blaze my own spiritual trail. I’m committed to keeping Old Ways free of charge – as it has been since the very first article, more than ten years ago.

The Witches Trine -a selected set of articles and poetry from past issues.

Broomstix A pagan E-zine for kids

The Cauldron and Candle Ezine– A monthly newsletter.

LOTS More updates soon to come!

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