Rose is an energetic, loud, and passionate soul who loves boxers and helping…with almost anything.  She was raised by her grandparents who gave her knowledge of herbal remedies, mediation, reincarnation, and the divinity of nature. Rose fondly remembers tip-toeing and whispering through the forest where she was raised so as not to wake father oak.  After her grandmother died of cancer, Rose set out on her spiritual journey that led her to Wicca.  She found a small coven near her home and quickly dedicated and rose through the ranks.  Shortly after third degree, Rose hived out and formed Rose Hollow coven with her husband and priest, Beowulf.  Rose follows a Celtic path and is a priestess of the Morrigan.   When not recording TAPIT, Rose can be found organizing a charity event, volunteering her time , playing with her furry babies Moxie, Tuffy and Harley, spending time with her husband, hosting class or ritual, or entertaining friends.

Rose Ravenflame

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  1. I am proud of you, Rose. I love you and you are the best granddaughter I have. Your dog is cute, too. Love, Poppy.

  2. I was listening to your latest episode. You always took up for those you felt didn’t have a voice. Do you remember that squirrel that you used to feed naked when you were three? Rocky? Roger? Yes, you’ve always taken up for people. You used to wear your little red cape your Mimi made you and ride your stick horse “Bucky the Wonder Horse” and use your magic powers to save people and animals. You still do that, and I couldn’t be prouder.




  3. Nicole

    July 13, 2011

    Love the show, you girls do a great job!

    P.S. It is so adorable that your family leaves you sweet messages like that on your blog!



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