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  1. I stumbled upon your podcast today and I think it’s great! I hope you keep it up. I am in a little town just west of DFW and feel so isolated sometimes. So, thank you!
    Listening to the podcast is a little difficult, however. Renny is too far from a microphone so I find I have to turn way up when she talks and then way down when it’s Rose’s turn. Other than that, I’ve really enjoyed the format and the added music throughout.

    Blessed be ~Kaira

    • We are actually trying to fix that problem by panning our microphones to the center. 🙂 When I listen to the podcast on my ipod, I have to turn it way up for me and way down for Renny. Thanks for the comment and suggestion. We appreciate you listening to our podcast ramblings, too!


  2. I found your podcast last night right before getting in bed and I was like “OMG this is awesome!” I listened to both episodes while at work and the gym and had to stop myself from laughing out loud a couple of times, you gals are hilarious. I’m fairly new to being pagan and ya’ll are giving me alot to think about when you go into the different aspects of paganism. There are a couple of things I would like to suggest as topics (mainly for my own info 🙂 ) : 1. What are ya’lls thoughts on christo-pagans/christian druids?, 2. How does one find their witchy name?

    Anyways keep up the great work! Blessed be.

    • Oooo! Good suggestions Michael! When I was in college I actually lived with a woman who was a Christian Druid. She was a neat, neat lady! I think Renny and I can tackle those in a future episode. Thanks so much for listening, enjoying, and commenting!


      • No prob, I’ve actually recommended your podcast to my lil coven/pagan friend group, I hope they start tuning in!


  3. Hey Rose & Renny!
    Just wanted to say that I love your podcast! I do not live in TX but I still enjoy listening to you guys each month. In the July episode you reviewed the Gummy Bear Tarot which led me to go out & buy it. It is my first deck & I absolutely adore it! Keep on making wonderful episodes!

    -Blesses Be,Vivienne

    • I am so glad you found a deck you love! Congrats to you, Vivienne. 🙂 Thanks for listening to us, too! We are so glad you enjoy it.

      ~ Rose

      • No problem! I can’t wait till you put out your next episode! It is always a pleasure listening, I especially love the music segments (:

        -Blessed Be, Vivienne

  4. stumbled across your site and podcast whilst absently looking for “something” and I am really enjoying your mix of music and chat…keep it going….
    best wishes from Houston…
    ~Lou x

  5. Hello Rose & Renny!!!!
    I met you guys at Pagan Pride Day yesterday. I had a WONDERFUL time! (Rum cake-YUMMY) I am listening to your podcast as I type. Keep up the great work!

    Awesome podcast!

  6. Love the show. I’m going to start stalking it… so don’t get a restraining order.

  7. Hey ladies long time no chat! Just wondering why there was no podcast for January? Hope y’all are doing well! Happy New Year!

    Blessed be,

    • We miss you too Michael! We have been reeling from a very busy Yule and I haven’t seen Renny since New Year’s Eve, actually. We are going to record soon and put out a new ‘cast. Our February show will be late, too as I am going in for surgery on the 2/1. After that hopefully we will be back on track. Happy New Year to you all, and Michael, I hope you are well, m’dear! 🙂


      • Hope Renny is well, do you know if she kept her resolution from last year and came out to her family? And what surgery are you going in for? Hope everything is ok.


  8. As far as I know Renny is fine and VERY busy! I will let her tell you about how her resolution came out. 🙂 It’s just a routine surgery, and nothing to be alarmed about. Thanks for your concern Michael. You rock my socks….even when I’m not wearing any socks.

  9. Hi Rose! Been absolutely enjoying your podcast. Almost makes me wish I lived in Texas so I could meet you two. (Not really. I like it here in Seattle! But the meeting part is true.) Glad I checked in here to see what was going on, since I was wondering why there’d been no podcasts since the Yule podcasts. Looking forward to whenever you get out the February ‘cast.


  10. Hi, which podcast was Raven on? I haven’t found it or heard it yet..

    Thank you,
    Dream V

  11. Hey ladies! I have to say it was a joy seeing y’all again at the CoG Ostara ritual! And I have to admit I was a little star-struck when I realized y’all were hanging out with Janet and Charles the authors of the Seekers Bill of Rights. I look forward to hearing them on the podcast in the future!

    Hope y’all have a great week and talk to ya soon!

    Blessed be,


  12. HedonsDog

    March 23, 2011

    Hey there! I’m in the midst of listening to the latest episode and wanted to let you know about pass cards. It’s a passport, but is only good for Canada and Mexico (maybe Bermuda too???) and is only good for ground travel, but is cheaper I think. Anywho, here’s a link.

    Wahoo! SOOJ ROCKS.

    Great episode! I love the goofy ones the best!

  13. Hey there, I just came across y’alls podcast and am loving it… I hope you are able to keep going with it, it is entertaining as well as informative! I have been drawn to the Wiccan path for many moons but have just recently fully embraced it as my own. It is amazing to me to hear all the gatherings that are in the DFW area, it sometimes makes me very sad ;-( that we do not have groups in my area or if we do, I have been unable to find them. I am in the Corpus Christi area and the closest groups, PNO, or meet ups I have found have been in San Antonio… If you know of any closer can you please help me!
    Keep up the great work!
    Blessed Be,

    Liz aka Lylith Llewelyn


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