Episode #7.5

Posted on December 10, 2010


Welcome Listeners to the Yule-Mini-Sode #7.5. We hope y’all are having safe and happy holiday seasons!  In this mini-sode we bring to you listener feedback and the “Blippers” from Episode #7.  We also have some music for you.  Enjoy!  Feel free to send your comments, thoughts and questions to us!  We love it!


Rose would like to apologize to  John Beckett Coordinating Officer – Denton CUUPS. The lovely e-mail you had sent us got clipped when printing and it was completely unintentional. I also got your name wrong and used your e-mail address. My deepest and most sincere apologies. Here is the e-mail in it’s entirety and a link to his blog.

Dear Renny and Rose,

I’m glad you devoted some time to “thinking questions” in Episode 6.  They inspired an essay on my blog (“Under the Ancient Oaks”) that’s probably too long to read on your podcast – here’s a condensed version.

I think you were exactly right that Pagans should not proselytize.  Our gods and goddesses call who they choose to call, and most Pagans understand that what’s right for us may not be right for someone else.

We do need to promote Paganism.  Through our books, websites, blogs, podcasts, and especially with our public presence, we let people know we’re here and that there is an alternative to both orthodox religion on one side and to atheism and secularism on the other.

Attempting to debate Christian apologists is a waste of time, but we need to be able to give a rational explanation of our beliefs and practices.  I usually give a simple three-fold explanation of Paganism:  a view of the Divine as both female and male, a connection to Nature and its rhythms and cycles, and a resonance with our ancestors and their beliefs and practices.  That won’t change anyone’s beliefs, but it may let them learn that there’s more to Paganism than what they’ve seen on TV or heard from poorly-informed preachers.

Thanks for all you do to promote Paganism in North Texas.  Keep up the good work, and keep up the “thinking questions!”



Blackmore’s Night: Winter Carols Album: Winter (Basse Danse) and Ma-O-Tzur

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!  See you in 2011!

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