Episode #5.5

Posted on October 25, 2010


Episode #5.5 is here!  At last, sorry for the delay, but life and CMA got in Renny’s way of editting the show, but it’s here now!

In this mini-sode we talk about every little detail of Pagan Pride Day, the South Lake Pagans Night Out, CoG’s Mabon Public Ritual, Prepping for CMA, www.witchtowear.com, Rose Hollow’s Mabon and much more!
From Tricky Pixie’s Album entitled Mythcreants:
Taglio!, Carousel, Mushroom Song

Don’t forget about our Pet Costume contest!  The prize is the Mythcreants album for you and some goodies appropriate for your pet!

Thank you for downloading! Please send us your comments, thoughts, and questions! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Episode 6!

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