Episode #5

Posted on October 1, 2010


Hey Gang!
Episode 5 is so exciting! We interviewed Raven who is the matriarch of the American Tradition of the Goddess. She gave us an awesome perspective
on the history of paganism and the Wiccan community in the DFW area. Thank you Raven!

SJ Tucker’s: Pixie Can’t Sleep (From Tangles); and Witches’ Rune & Come to the Labyrinth (From Blessings)

**Don’t forget our best dressed pet contest!** Get us your entries before October 31! The prize is…MYTHCREANTS ALBUM from SJ TUCKER!
WitchStock 16 October 1-3 a weekend campout, sponsored by the Celtic Groves.
UEA- Author Elizabeth Cunningham Author of the Maeve Chronicles October 2 & 3 Irving
Psychic Awakening Festival October 2nd 11-6 Carrolton
CoG Mythology class-Egyptian myth! October 10th in fort worth 2-330
CMA Samhain October 14-16 in Flatonia/Cisturn area **Class**
14th and the 28th CoG Wicca 101 classes in Richardson 730-9
October 31 CoG Samhain Festival begins at 12:00.
Check out our calendar! We have native american flute classes, chakra workshops, sweatlodges and much much more. Also if you know of something you would like added to the calendar that would be of interest to our listeners, e-mail us at therearepagansintexas@gmail.com
Thanks for listening and see you in 5.5.

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