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Posted on August 1, 2010


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Episode three already?!? Time flies when you are having fun! (Which is partially why this episode is so frikkin long!)  Thanks for all the downloads, comments, and joining of our Facebook page. Thanks to Marcus, Michael, Chris, and Kaira for the comments and e-mails! This was a HUGE episode with lots of info.

Event Review: Aura Portraits
Power of the Rainbow in Arlington, http://www.poweroftherainbow.com Will & Haley are the artists and
I like that they were kids because it lended credibility. They just looked up and drew what they saw. That would have been really hard for them to fake.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Satanism Wrongly Used At Trial, Death Row Inmate Argues: Irving Davis, convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old El Paso girl, has asked a Texas appeals court to throw out his death sentence, arguing that jurors should not have been told about his new religion
— Satanism. The revelation, defense lawyers argue, violated Davis’ free exercise of religion and improperly prejudiced jurors against the 27-year-old inmate. Prosecutors counter that allegiance to the Church of Satan was relevant information for jurors, who had to determine whether Davis should be put to death as a continuing threat to society. Davis’ arguments sent two Texas Court of Criminal Appeals judges down rhetorical paths that were more theological than legal — part of a generally chilly reception to the inmate’s claims during oral arguments in April.
Get the rest of the story at http://www.statesman.com/news/local/satanism-wrongly-used-at-trial-death-row-inmate-787009.html

Segment on Online Witch Schools:
we talked about online witch schools and training. There are a lot of programs out there, and they are all looked down upon in the community.

We also talked about Solitary vs. Group

How to find a good group if you choose:
Membership in a coven shouldn’t be taken lightly on either side. It is important to find a good fit as the members of your group become close to you like a family. It’s really kind of hard to become close to someone that creeps you out or you don’t like. There is a teacher out there for you if you are ready, I promise. From the Priestess point of view, the students just show up when deity knows you are ready….whether you think so or not. Before you start looking for a teacher, read the seekers bill of rights. It gives you a model of a healthy group/coven to look for. It keeps you safe and from being taken advantage of. That being said, you can meet teachers everywhere! Festivals, public rituals, metaphysical shops, Wicca 101 classes, looking on Witchvox listings page, meetup.com, UU churches usually have a CUUPS chapter, etc. After you have found a group you are interested in. Set up a meeting with the leaders. Meet them in a public place and watch them. Do they seem like they are on a power trip, desperate for students, tradition bash others or do they seem laid back, cool, and knowledgeable? The important thing is, Do you and the leaders click or do they give you the creeps? Creeps, turn and run. Click, tell them you would be interested in visiting.
When you visit, watch group interactions, do they get along? Is there one or two people kind of hogging conversation or the light? Anyone give you the creeps or make you feel uncomfortable? Make note of it and watch it over the course of the night. Do you notice talk or actions that make you uncomfortable magickally or otherwise? If they brag about negative magic, fake a text about your pet fish running away and SCRAM!
After you have visited, follow up with the HP/HPS and thank them and tell them that you would be interested in coming again if they will let you. Finally, if it feels right after the third or fourth visit, you can inquire about dedication or the process of studying with them. Remember, no one has the right to touch you, sexually harrass, abuse, ask you to break ties from family and friends or coerece sex from you. EVER!
That being said, my lovely cohost has recently made the transition from solitary to group, and I would love love love it if she would share her story.

Renny’s story
Started by looking for groups that sounded like a potential fit just by description on WitchVox. Took into account location, trad, and language/phraseology.

Emailed all the potential HP/HPS. Some didn’t respond at all (which automatically checked them off the list) and the ones that did I assessed by the things we’ve already talked about…their tone, their requirements, their willingness or unwillingness to answer questions.
That’s how I/we found Rose Hollow. Rose was open to answering questions and the questions she asked me didn’t feel weird or creepy.
She and her husband met us at a Starbucks—it was a mutual interview, we needed to know they weren’t crazy and they needed to know we weren’t crazy.
We went to an open holiday ritual and everything clicked.
Now, as for the difficulties in the switch…
1.My husband and I were both solitaries, even solitary from one another.
2.We’re both pretty darned introverted too, so it was a little weird at first, but it was such a good fit, that it just felt right.
3.Performance issues…
4.Being pushed (not forced, but encouraged for sure) to go to COG events and CMA was good but awkward too. I was terrified the first COG we went to…the first public ritual is intimating. I am all about the COGs now though. My holidays wouldn’t feel complete without going to the RH ritual on Saturday and then the COG on Sunday. CMA was pretty terrifying as well…and honestly, I still don’t feel like I completely fit in there. I enjoyed myself, for sure, and it was really fun to know you weren’t the minority…for once. But I felt like an outsider, for the most part. I’m hoping I’ll be more comfortable at Samhain.
We were lucky to have with us today Janet and Charles Mars, the writers of the Seekers Bill of Rights. We had a great conversation about how it came about, legal repercussions for unjust teachers, and what you as the seeker can do to protect yourself.
Blue Thunder Lodge Contemporary Shamanism Classes every wednesday 630-930
8/8 Fairy Tales and Heathens CCDS
8/14-8/15 Fort Worth Wellness Expo Will Rogers, sweat lodge in denton Circle up time about 3 pm, sweat starts at 4 pm.  Bring towel, robe, two heart gifts’, food to share.  We do not charge for the ceremony, asking each person to share in the costs, which usually is a $10 donation per person.
8/28 Intermediate pagan practice class offered through Denton UU, also a spirit gallery with medium David Scott at Power of the Rainbow from 7-9 PM. We’ve all seen mediums work before, but David works in complete darkness! $20
PPD 9/11 come check us out at our booth! We will have freebies!
As always we have CoG Classes, Meetups, pagan nights out, and other fun things on our website.

Also, we are beginning our pet costume photo contest for SAMHAIN! The winners will be announced on the november podcast. All entries need to be e-mailed to us by October 15th. Also, please let us know if we can post them on our facebook page. If we don’t have your permission, BELIEVE ME it won’t be up there. Check our face book page in the coming months for pictures of our dogs in costumes and the entries we have permission to post.

What kind of Mattress do you sleep on? from Celea.
Renny’s is 9 years old and uncomfortable queen and Rose sleeps on a queen size double pillow top Victorian rest from Room’s To Go!

Music:  All by SJ Tucker, all from Mischief!
Ravens in the Library, Were-owl, The Truth About Ninjas

Podcasts! The Infinite and the Beyond

That’s it for this installment of Shh! There are Pagans in Texas!

See you in episode 4!

-Renny and Rose

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