Shhhh! There are pagans in Texas! Episode #2 Notes

Posted on July 1, 2010


Episode Number Two is here!

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Wow! We feel the love in the DFdub! There were over 160 downloads of our show! Thank you so much to our listeners. It makes me feel great to know that I am not just playing podcast over at my friend Renny’s house. We have our best episode yet in episode number two, just to recap:

We are working on a Youth Services fundraiser for CMA and we need donations if you can make one!  Here’s the link as promised!

PS Holy Spring Kindred was the Heathen group doing CoG Litha!


World Parliament of Religions Considers DFW for 2014 by Alexis Yancy

DALLAS, TX – Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), although considered by many to be the ‘Buckle of the Bible Belt’, is one of three official bid cities for the 2014 Parliament of the World’s Religions (PoWR). A coalition of local spiritual and religious organizations are working together in this effort to be the host city. DFW is the only US city being considered. The two other candidates are Brussels, Belgium, and Guadalajara, Mexico.

“The Council (CPWR) believes that DFW is certainly an intriguing place to have a PoWR since it would shake up the stereotypes that people have of this area. We are thrilled with this opportunity,” said Coalition Vice-Chair Rev. Petra Weldes. “We don’t need to sell the Council on DFW as a world class city, what we need to sell them on is that we have serious issues facing our global community, and that an inter-religious dialogue would actually be meaningful to people on all sides of the conversation in locations around the world in a significant way,” said Rev. Weldes.

You can view the rest of this article on here.

Online resources for pagans and technopagans

FYI was a domain I made up as an example. 😉 I was trying to recall Mythology etc. Online Divination

Citations for Technopaganism Segment

You might be a technopagan if….


The Elemental Shaman

The Gummy Bear Tarot

Calendar (highlights)

Friday July 2 Frame Drum Making Workshop with Tray Bradford Cost involved Power of the Rainbow
Saturday July 3 Custom aura photography 11-5 $20.00 Power of the Rainbow

July 8th is a busy night! Not only is there a CoG Wicca 101 Class chanting in Richardson,there’s a mediumship development group in Los Colinas, PNO in Southlake and Magical herbs class at silver pyramid in richardson

July 11th psychic fair in Waxachie 1-9 and CoG Mythology class Greek Myth 2-330

22nd is the other CoG class for the month and that is also another magickal herbs class both in richardson.

27 is the fort worth witches meetup at 7 located at 30 and hulen in the borders.

StrowlerFest in St. Louis! September 10 and 11

There is much more on the calendar! It’s updated daily!
Also be sure to email us if you know of anything you would like added to the calendar!

Don’t forget to send your TMI questions to us at

Americans treated to death article
Balkins Prefer Witches and Miracle Healers
Shadows Magazine
Seekers Bill of Rights
The Oak King and the Holly King Revisited by Rose “Hollow” Ravenflame


Storm by SJ Tucker
The Circle and Gilded Cage by Blackmore’s Night
Creature of the Wood and Daughter of the Glade by Tricky Pixie

See you in episode 3!

-Rose and Renny

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