Shhhh! There are pagans in Texas! Episode #1 Notes

Posted on June 6, 2010


Well gang, we made it through the first episode EVER of Shh! There are pagans in Texas!  It feels pretty good if I do say so myself.  Just to recap:

The DFW pagan community is large, diverse, and segmented meaning we are like a large pagan caterpillar and 1 set of legs doesn’t always know what the other is doing.  In an effort to link the segments of paganism in DFW, Renny and I wanted to create this pod cast.  It won’t just be a calendar, but a forum for notable people in the community, headlines, outreach, advice, book/music reviews, topics in paganism etc.

The headline for this show was the June 1, 1563 passage of Englands anti witchcraft law:

On June 1, 1563, the English Witchcraft Act went into effect.  Kept in place until 1951, the law basically allowed courts to prosecute people for witchy activity.  Before King Henry the 8th, witchcraft was primarily a problem to be delt with by the church.  Henry made it a secular matter when he made magic with malicious intent a felony.  The law didn’t stay the same for 388 years, it morphed and changed with the times, who was on the throne, and public opinion.  Thomas Watson at the Ohio State University wrote a really good paper that covers the English Witchcraft Act in great detail and worth a look.

The awesome paper on England’s Anti-Witchcraft laws can be found here

Calendar Highlights

June 10th Pagans Night Out at the IHOP in southlake from 6:30-9:00
June 13th Covenant of the Goddess is giving a class on Eros and Psyche for their mythology class series in fort worth at CCDS from 2-330 $5 facility fee
June 20th Covenant of the Goddess is having their public Litha at CCDS from 1-3
June 21st is Litha! Happy Litha!

Check out our calendar for a complete listing of pagany goodness.

The music from this episode was:

Dark Eyes by Blue Jar
Breathe a Little Slower by Dust Rhinos
Wild Mountain Thyme by Dust Rhinos

The books were:

Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton
The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You by Dorothy Bryant
Bee Keeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston
If You Want to be a Witch by Edain McCoy
Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communication by Raymond Buckland
Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

The awesome book website:

The cool podcasts:

The Wigglian Way
The Darkly Fay

See you in Episode Two!


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